Mask from Sacred Flute
Ramu., Lower Sepik, Papua New Guinea, 19th c.
Previous Collections:
Gustavo Schindler, NY, John Friede, Rye, NY

Originally attached to a sacred flute, this mask is stone carved, and still retains its original red ochre pigment. The surface is varied and has a wonderful old patina. The long beaked nose on this mask is pierced and small holes above were made for attachments. The beak on this mask is probably that of a hornbill or bird. The incorporation of this zoomorphic element with a human face is a powerful method of representing the relationship between ancestors and their animal spirits. There is a small old chip at the end of the nose. Otherwise it is in excellent condition, with no restoration.

The height for this mask is 7 inches.

SOLD / IN 10-5-11