Shaman's Medicine Horn
Batak (Toba), Sumatra
19th Century
Private European Collection

This medicine horn with wooden stopper is not only rare but perhaps one of a kind. The configuration of a figure giving birth to another figure with such stylization suggests a very early creation date. The details are incredible; the carver chose to sculpt these figures in a more realistic manner then a cubist one. Their bodies arch away from the wooden plinth of the stopper exhibiting the impressive level of virtuosity and power of this carver. The figure looking the opposing way on the top of the horn is impressive as well with its exaggerated and unusual cone formed head. The patina is fantastic; encrusted in areas and rich in others showing the piece was handled and used for generations.

The entire object is 21 inches long
The Stopper is 7.5 inches tall
SOLD / IN 10-8-11