Pig Trap Amulet
Dayak, Borneo
19th Century
Private European Collection

Remarkably tight in composition and scale this Tun-Tun is one of the most diminutive examples I have ever seen. The carver's sense of form and balance is extremely impressive. Important to note is that the figure is not even two and a half inches in height and it possesses all the superb details as one would expect from a larger sized example. The classic protruding jaw supported by the hands in classic hunkered position; in addition to the elaborate hour-glass like motif supporting the figure are just some of the outstanding features of this Tun-Tun. The patina is deep and brilliant with areas of encrustation from decades of use.

This entire piece stands 20 inches in height and the figure stands 2.25 inches.

SOLD / IN 10-6-11