Weaving Awl
Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia
19th Century

The Modang/ Bahau region of the Dayak create some of the most stunning and powerful works among all of the Dayak people. This is in fact a tool used for weaving, but it possesses such monumentality with its surrealist and ambitiously sculpted handle; its everyday use becomes secondary and the art becomes the focus. Vertically on one side, the handle is anthropomorphic with great details; turn it to the other side, and it is one of the Dayak’s mythological creatures. Now horizontally; you see a highly detailed fully developed Aso dragon with an open mouth showing pointed ferocious teeth. The open-work on this wooden handle is fantastic; it really shows how good Dayak carvers really are. The caps are made from deer antler and the metal ’tool’ is original to the piece.
Overall the length is 7” long.
The Handle is 3.75” tall.

SOLD / 4-8-11