Ancestor Figure
Ataoro, Indonesia
19th Century
Prev. Collection: James Willis, CA

As if hanging in motion this Ataoro figure is exceptional in many ways. The body possesses great elongation with rounded shoulders and tight hanging arms that are classically away from the body. The feet though break tradition; they curve downward unlike the majority that are horizontal. The knees and ankles are both well defined and serendipitously the ankles have a sunray like pattern around them from the intense adze work, in fact most of the body exhibits fine adze work, especially the back and legs. The surface is simply superb; the upper and lower portions are darkened from soot and exposure in the hut; while the center of the figure has a lighter patina from where a cloth skirt once was. The figure still has its original fiber rope that attached another figure long ago. In excellent condition.

This figure stands 9.5” tall.
SOLD / 4-10-11