Ceremonial Lime Squeezer
Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia
19th Century. Previous Collection: James Willis, CA

This is a fine example of Toba Batak art. During certain ceremonies the Datu priest would use Lime squeezers such as this as an important part of the ritualistic process. This example while sculpturally compact, is beautifully detailed. The wood has an attractive reddish brown hue to it and the surface is incredibly worn from handling. Both hands grasp the knees, which is classic Batak positioning; but due to the excessive wear it is almost as if the hands have morphed together. All of the highpoints have softened from generations of use; which is quite impressive due to the hardwood that was used to carve this piece. There are areas of the black encrustation in the crevasses, but most of it is worn away. Also, note the excessive wear to the tool on the bottom; it speaks to this object’s involvement in countless ceremonies. There are a few stabilized age cracks but in other wise excellent condition.
This object stands 4.25” tall.
IN10-15-17 / Price on request


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