Twin Figures

Yoruba, Nigeria
Late 19th/Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Private French Collection

When a twin dies in Yoruba-land, an ‘Ibeji’ is carved for the mother and it is cared for as if it is the child itself. This pair is exceptional not only in their aesthetic quality; but they exhibit a lifetime of use and care. Carved from very hardwood in an archaic thin form; this pair with high coiffure have slowly developed a warm and soft patina from decades of washing, feeding, and clothing with cam wood. On special occasions Ibeji are given necklaces made from old trade beads, metals and other materials; this example has several attractive necklaces and beaded belt decorations that are still intact. These Ibeji belong to the Igbomina sub-group.

This pair stands 11” tall.

SOLD / 5-9-11