Dance Crest
Idoma, Nigeria
Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Ana and Antonio Casanovas, Madrid
Drs. Jean and Noble Endicott, NYC

With its prognathic mouth showing exposed teeth; this aggressive head-crest is a fine old example. The top of the head is covered with colorful western cloth which is in good condition considering its age. Traditional scarification marks of the Idoma are present on the face. The patina is deep and aged from years of ceremonial dances, the attachment holes on the bottom of the crest speak to this as they are heavily worn from continuous use. The underside possesses a dry oxidized surface; this is due to the fact that this type of ‘mask’ never touched the face. It was worn away from the face practically on top of the head, so you won’t see sweat abrasion. Important to note is that this crest has a fantastic profile which truly highlights its fabulous features. This mask stands 9” tall.

SOLD / 5-8-11