Ceremonial Spatula
Bidjogo, Bissagos Islands
Late 19th/Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Irwin Hersey, NYC
Unknown Museum Inventory Numbers #8334.16
Yale archive inventory number 001513-01
Sotheby’s NYC May 1999

The handle of this spatula is a sublime example of a Bidjogo figure with great attention to detail, such as an intense expression, an elaborate coiffure and classic hand positioning under the breasts. This piece looks wonderful from all angles; a true sign of a great work of art. Important to note is that there are two objects by the same hand in the book “ In The Presence of Spirits “ both from the National Museum at Lisbon, Portugal. Carved from hardwood with remnants of black pigment.

This Spatula Stands 12.5” Tall.
SOLD / 5-10-11