Yam Mask
Maprik, Abelam
ca. 1920s
Previous Collection: Caroline Jolles, Paris

This Yam mask offered is a magnificent work of art. Many Yam masks are on the market today; because of the importance of the Yam festival each year among the Abelam people throughout there history, thousands were created; but very few are in this artistic catagory. The coiffure fans out in a dramatic fashion; the facial features are almost contorted with the twist of the nose and mouth. The large round eyes pierce the viewer and the side profile exhibits an intense curve . The coiffure must be mentioned again for its intricate form. The original pigments are still intact and the weave is extremely tight; an old example in excellent condition.

This Yam mask stands 17 inches in height and 16 inches in width
IN 10-12-12/ SOLD