Pagar Figure

Batak, Sumatra
19th Century
From an old Dutch Collection
Exhibited in “Sculpture of the Batak “ 1979 Jim Willis Gallery

This iconic Batak figure projects great strength and spirituality. Almost like a totem; there are two figures carved on this piece. The aggressive powerful stare on the faces of this figure create a haunting experience. The tight sculpture of the bodies are wonderfully conceived, the top figure with sharp shoulders that concave into the torso creates a brilliant aerodynamic look, while the bottom figure grasping its knees has classical beauty. This Pagar figure has a warm reddish black patina. It should be mentioned that at some point long ago; this figure had feathers inserted into the top of the figure. Empty holes on the head of the top figure speak to this.
This piece stands 26.5 inches tall.

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