Ancestor Figure
Kenya, Kayan, Dayak, Borneo
19th Century.
Prev.Collection: Francois Coppens, Brussels
Published - Borneo Art ‘Dayak Art from the Francois Coppens Collection’ Musee De parte del Salutare Page 14 INV #M-011

With its beautifully heart shaped face, delicate hands and powerful yet sensitive hunkered body this is a memorable work by a Dayak master carver. The coiffure is fantastic with a bun projecting from the rear of the head; making a nice juxtaposition to the deep curvature of the back. The figure possesses a proud posture with good use of negative space which makes for an impressive sculpture. There is a cavity on the top of the head that was used to hold magical substances. Sculpted from a dense wood with a fine aged patina from decades of use and exposure.
This figure stands 7.25” tall.

SOLD / 5-2-11