Ancestor Figure
Batak, Sumatra
19th Century

Very rare in Batak art is the unity of beauty and power; this Pagar figure is a perfect example of this scarce combination. The overall style of this figure is rare as well; the separation of the legs and treatment to the mouth is very expressive. The body has good tension, and details like the coiled headdress make this Pagar special. There is a cavity for puk-puk but the materials have been removed. It is uncertain if the broken off area on the genitals were just that or a carved head; other Pagar with this hand position are sometimes holding heads. The patina is varied and rich from handling but also encrusted in areas.

CF. "Batak Sculpture" Achim Sibeth Fig IV.03 and Fig.IV06 for a similar examples.

This figure stands 15 inches tall.
SOLD / IN 4-6-10