Fertility Doll
Yoruba, NIgeria
Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Private NYC Collection, acquired from William Arnett ( Well known photographer, author and collector of Tribal Art. Authored many books and catalogs; notably the " Three rivers of Nigeria " for the High Museum "

The Yoruba are mostly known for their Ibeji twin dolls. They do also make a flatter doll and this doll falls into this catagory but it is far more three dimensional. The carver was quite inventive and took the mother and child to new heights by creating a stylized elongated child grasping for its mother with disproportionately large hands. Important to note is that this doll looks striking from all angles but the side profile is quite special it shows the true cubist nature of the sculpture, The surface patina is smooth and worn from washing and long handling.

This doll stands 7 inches tall.
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