Divination Object
Yoruba, Nigeria
Early 20th century
Previous Collection: Private NYC Collection, acquired from William Arnett ( Well known photographer, author and collector of Tribal Art. Authored many books and catalogs; notably the " Three rivers of Nigeria " for the High Museum "

This is a divination object called a tapper; they are found in various mediums such as ivory and bone but in this particular case a very hard wood. The figure is beautifully conceived with a very attractive and emotive face; with hands on breasts and in classic kneeling position. The wood is extremely hard so the surface wear is from long periods of use; the tip of the tapper shows a strong indentation. This tapper would have been included in a diviners kit; along with a divination tray and sometimes a smaller tapper or knocker.

This tapper stands 13.5 inches tall.
IN 10-5-12/ SOLD