Dance Mask
Gola, Sierra Leone, Early 20th C
Previous Collection:
William Siegmann - Ex. African art Curator for the Brooklyn
Museum of Art

This magnificent and old Gola helmet mask is a tour-de-force, superb from all angles. The main mask is surmounted by the classic Gola extended 'neck' showing another miniature head on top. The main head of the mask has an incredibly powerful expression; as well as a highly detailed coiffure and of course a beautifully rendered second head as the 'terminal' to the piece. Note the back of the mask, it has an amazing stylized design which is most likely the representation of the classic fat rolls, a sign of beauty. The patina is exceptional; deep and rich showing great age; most Bundu type masks on the market today are not this old. There is an old native repair on this mask as well. This object shows extensive wear but is in overall excellent condition for its age.

The Height of this mask is 24 in
SOLD / IN 10-11-11