Lobi, Burkina Faso
20th Century
Previous Collections: Noble and Jean Endicott, NYC, Michael Oliver, NYC

All males among the Lobi carve figures of all sizes; this is why we see such a huge variety of style and quality coming from this region. In other areas of Africa; only skilled carvers/ateliers and their understudies carve for the tribe. In this case; we have a very high quality Lobi miniature figure. Carved with an excellent face; and a body that has cubist and bulbous round qualities. Great care was taken in carving this Lobi; in addition to the fine carving this example has a great surface patina from libations and handling. Overall this is a unique Lobi figure that looks wonderful from every angle and is in excellent condition.

This figurine stands 4.25" tall

SOLD / IN 10-6-10