Ancestor Figure
Lobi, Burkina Faso
Early 20th Century
Previous Collection: Robert Wilson ( Avant Garde theater stage director) Unknown inventory numbers on back 714
Unique to sub-Saharan African tribes is the fact that among the Lobi; all males carve. This explains the fact that there is such variation in quality and abundance of Lobi material. This figure is called a Bateba; this example was carved by a confident skilled craftsman. The face possesses great emotion; the slight asymmetry to the features is what gives this figure its personality. The tripartite coiffure is nicely rendered and the sides of the face have unique scarification marks. The patina is deep and encrusted; being that it is carved out of extremely hardwood the erosion to the bottom of the figure speaks to its age.
This figure stands 7.5 inches tall.
IN 7-8-12/ SOLD