Fetish Mask
Loma, Guinea Early 20th C
Field Collected by Charles Miller III Private American Collection Inventory #'s on back 32018

This is a superb miniature "Angbai" Loma mask. The "mid-range" scale of this mask is noteworthy because of its rarity; passport size and full size masks are much more common than this particular type. The overall quality is outstanding. The sculpture is tight; carved from a very hardwood with an incredible rich yet raw 'bush' patina. The mask is pierced around the perimeter for attachment of a fetish pack; note the old style rectangular holes, these are burned through not drilled like modern examples. This mask at one point was imbued with a pack made from sacrificial materials wrapped in animal skin. The encrusted surface on the back and dried animal skin are remnants of the fetish charge that gave this mask its power. In excellent "untouched" condition.

This maskette stands 9 inches tall.
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