Tjili or Tjau

Bali, Indonesia, 1950’s
Provenance: Private French Collection

Tjili or Tjaus are Balinese harvest offerings dedicated to Dewi Sri, the Indonesian rice Goddess. These dolls were placed in rice fields during a harvest to encourage a successful season. Once the rice was cut, the Tjili dolls were preserved in the granaries as protective agents. These dolls are elaborately hand-woven out of palm leaves and often painted. The remnants of this example’s face are still visible, albeit faded, and would have originally been painted with an organic pigment.

Height: 10 3/4 in.
IN 11-11-15 / Price on Request



"Harvest offering (tjili, tjau) dedicated to Dewi Sri and placed in the fields during harvest time.
Dewi Sri is the goddess of agriculture and fertility. When the rice is cut, these tjili's will be preserved in the rice granaries."