Bone Hair Comb
Boiken, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century
PROVENANCE: John and Marcia Friede, Rye, NY.

The use of humanistic features as symbols is a common artistic motif in Papua New Guinea. This double faced hair comb, from the Boiken, is no different. The comb is made of bone and is carved with only two long teeth. The body of the comb exhibits a humanistic face on the front and back. Both faces are similar, with large protruding eyes, distinct nose with open nostrils, and cylindrical, feather like sculptures protruding from the top of the head; reminiscent of Talipun masks, another art form from this region. One face is much more worn down than the other, possibly due to its use as the underside of the comb, which would come into direct contact with the hair.

Height: 6 3/4" in.
IN 12-3-13 / Price on Request