PoraPora River region, Papua New Guinea. Early 20th Century
Provenance: Marcia and John Friede Collection, Rye New York.
Published: PoraPora Archaic Terracottas from the Jolika collection of Marcia and John Friede, 2015, Figure 39.

Small terracotta objects were produced all over the Lower Sepik. While predominantly produced for utilitarian purposes, small portions were fashioned for ceremonial and ritualistic uses. This terracotta head is decorated with a series of circular patterns. Three-dimensional facial features - the eyes, nose, and mouth - all protrude outwards. The nose in particular extends out with distinctive nostrils and a third hole at the tip. The head is playful, with a slight caricature feel showcasing the breadth in variation of decoration exhibited by these terracotta objects.

Height: 4 in.
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