Sissano Lagoon, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century
Provenance: Old French Collection

Used to transport lime from its container, this lime spatula is a beautiful wooden example from the Sissano Lagoon region. The base of the spatula is smooth and sturdy, exhibiting a lighter patina due to continued use. The handle is carved in a double spirit face motif. The two faces, although each exhibiting individual profiles, are intertwined. It is not clear where one ends and the other begins. Their strong profiles, with deep engraved brow lines and protruding nose/eyes, seem to almost mimic one another and use common stylistic facial features found from this region. The flow created by the proximity of the two faces continues, with an abstract avian form, majestically carved, as if seated on top of the larger face. Geometric groves and decorations give the piece texture and ornamentation.

Height: 12 1/4 in
IN 11-6-14/ SOLD