Standing Figure
Massim, Papua New Guinea, 19th c. Collected by: Merlin Moore Taylor in 1910, by decent through family to the collection of his nephew Dean Stringer ( written provenance available )

Standing on bent knees supporting a finely carved elongated torso with shoulders back and the head slightly looking upwards projecting a confident elegance. The arm positioning in the back of the figure is very unique and adds to the sculpture's artistic depth. The classic scarifications are filled with lime and the wood has a fantastic antique patina from age. The overall quality and size of the piece, it's fine attention to detail, along with its early collection date suggest this could be a 19th century example, when most on the market are much later. This object was carved by a confident hand. The very tips of the feet are missing but other than that it is in excellent condition.

This figure stands 16 inches tall
IN 11-4-12/ SOLD