Suspension Hook
Sawos, Middle Sepik River region, Papua New Guinea, 19th c.
Previous Collection: Michoutouchkine-A. Pilioko Foundation

Published: Ethnography and Art of Oceania, Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Moscow 1989, figure 116
Nicolai Michoutouchkine was a Russian born artist, and Oceanic art collector, who collected many pieces in situ in 1959.

This sculpture has a very old encrusted surface, there are signs of deep wear and patina on the hook portion as well, evidence of much use. The facial features reveal the early style of this piece; the pronounced eyes are carved in a slightly asymmetric fashion, giving the sculpture “life”. The back of the hook has been carved in concave form, and projecting outwards is the large loop which was used to suspend the hook. The sculpture is strong when viewed at all angles. There is a very old and stabilized age crack on top of the forehead, otherwise in excellent condition.

Its height is 14 inches tall
IN 11-15-12/ Price: $2500