Ancestor Figure

Murik Lakes, Papua New Guinea
Late 19th Century
Previous Collections: Serge Brignoni, Lugano
Marcia and John Friede Collection, Rye New York

This very fine ancestor figure is a wonderful example of Murik Lakes art. Carved from hardwood it has tremendous amounts of detail. The face possesses great expression in addition to a body that has deep circular scarifications that brilliantly depict an abstracted face on the torso. The figure has been rubbed with red organic pigments and the texture of the carving suggests it was created with non-metal tools. Amazingly, the fiber skirt has a deep worn patina; which is quite rare; they are usually lost; this speaks to the excessive amount of handling and care this figure has endured throughout the decades it was used.

This figurine stands 10.5" tall
IN 3-1-13/ Price On Request