Neck Rest
Ramu River Region Papua New Guinea, Madang Province
19th Century
Provenance: Old Southern French Collection.

Neck rests are used to support the head during sleep in the Ramu River Region. Elaborately decorated, this example was probably used by a high ranking member of the community. The main bar is carved of wood. Both ends are fashioned into the shape of a zoomorphic/anthropomorphic creature, possibly a pig, suggested by the snout like ends. Ancestor faces, similar to other figures/masks from this region, appear on both the top and bottom of the creature and provide the sleeper with protection.The legs are made from sculpting bamboo when its wet, which then retains its position as it dries. Original fiber wrappings and attachments are still present. A shiny patina from heavy wear is visible where the head rested.

Length: 14.5 in x 5 in (Height)
IN 7-10-16 / SOLD


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