Ancestor Figure
Ramu River Region, 19th C.
Provenance: Alan R. Sawyer Collection. Acquired from J.J. Klejman Gallery in 1950’s-60’s.

Delicately stone carved, this Ramu River ancestor figure is a stunning example of the artistic traditions from this region. From its classic elongated nose to its static conception, this figure is incredibly dynamic. Decorated with carved geometric circles, this figure remains minimalistic in its stylized features and is especially intriguing due to its spiraled elongated nose, an unusual feature in ancestor figures. Similar examples can be found in Heinz Kelm’s Kunst Vom Sepik, Volume III. Fig. 153 and 154, collected in 1925. A reptilian animal totem perches on top of the figure’s head. The original fiber arm bands are still attached.

Height: 11 inches
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