Commemorative Heads

Maori, New Zealand
19th Century

These commemorative heads were carved as representations of Maori tribal chiefs. These examples, being the earliest kind, are made from Kauri gum an amber like substance ( tree resin ); later examples are carved from wood and are mostly crude in construction. The substance these heads are carved from exudes a very organic presence; making them all the more lifelike. The features are stunningly realistic and beautiful, the classic Maori tattooing can be seen on both the male and female. These objects were indeed made for export; but the rarity and overall quality of these examples transcend the idea of them being just ‘old tourist objects’. These are scarce works of art that are extremely difficult to find.

Male head stands 15 in tall.
Female head stands 13.5 in tall.

Price: $2500 for pair / IN 7-06-09