Dance Ornament
Lower Sepik River
PROVENANCE: John Friede, Rye, NY. Acquired in early 1970's from Komor Gallery, NY.

Dance ceremonies in the Lower Sepik River region were accompanied by elaborate costumes. This Dance Ornament would have been hung from a costume of one of the performers. The double headed ornament depicts two stylized birds with extended tongues. Birds were a common motif in Lower Sepik River region cosmology and their sounds were often mimicked in such dance performances. The body of the ornament is covered in raised relief decoration. In great condition, the ornaments original paint colors are still visible. These objects are extremely rare in this condition. for a very similar example see "Kunst Vom Sepik" Volume 1, figure, 129.

Height: 2 " in x Length: 7 3/4 " in.
IN 4-13-14 / Price on Request