Suspension Hook
Sawos, Papua New Guinea, early 20th century
Previous Collection: Michoutouchkine-A. Pilioko Foundation
Nicolai Michoutouchkine was a Russian born artist, and Oceanic art collector, who collected many pieces in situ in 1959.
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At first glance it was not easy to determine the place of origin for this enigmatic piece. But in the end, its idiosyncratic style is most typical of the art from the Sawos people found in the Grasslands Plains of New Guinea. Carved from hardwood, it has a very nice untouched patina, and shows clear evidence of wear and use, especially on the hook and the pierced hole made for suspension found at the top. What I like most about this sculpture are its surreal qualities. The face appears to mysteriously emerge from within the plane of the wood; and its abstracted arms, extending upwards in “Tellem Style”, morph to form the upper suspending section of the hook.

The height of this hook is 15 inches
1-14-12/ SOLD