Spice Server
Ifugao, Philippines, early 20th century
Provenance: Drs. Jean and Noble Endicott, NYC. Similar example published: Eric Moltzau Anderson."In the Shape of Tradition". p. 143, fig. 192.

This spice dish is from the Ifugao tribe in the Philippines. The figure is beautifully carved and the texture and color of the sculpture is enhanced by the wood's patina; a deep red color with a shiny smooth veneer. The figure is seated with it's arms and legs wrapped around the body of the spice bowl. Great care has been taken to clearly delineate facial features hands, ears, legs, and arms which are clearly defined when viewed in profile. The figure's down cast eyes are extremely dramatic, almost as if they are looking at the contents of the dish.The bowl itself is one of the most intriguing parts of the whole figure. The interior of the bowl has been heavily used, and wear patterns are clearly visible at the base. Remnants of organic material can still be seen in the dish.

Height: 4.75" in.
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