Ancestor Figure
Leti, Indonesia, 19th century
PROVENANCE: Emile Deletaille, Brussels. Collected before 1980 in Indonesia.

This small, but beautifully carved seated figure is from the island of Leti in Indonesia. Originally kept within the home, these figures represent recently deceased family members and served as a vessel through which a spirit could temporarily reside, receive offerings, or be consulted about important matters. These figures could be carved in a variety of different poses, which demarcate gender and social status. This particular figure, depicted in a seated position, the legs drawn up to the chest and arms neatly folded on top of the knees represents a male. Facial features and other common Leti characteristics are still visible. The sculpture is very old and heavily eroded. However this level of weather gives the figure a beautiful texture, bringing out the natural features of the wood. Because of the organic nature of the wood used for these figures, most sculptures of this age and from this region are very rare.

Height: 5 1/4" in.
IN 12-2-13 / SOLD