Bulul Figure
Ifugao, Philippines, 19th century
PROVENANCE: acquired by Fred and Kathleen Taylor, San Francisco, from Kevin Conru, Brussels.

This Bulul figure is much larger than most other sculptures from the Ifugao. Bulul figures are protective agents, and used to spiritually guard people, places and other day-to-day aspects of social life. The wood used to carve this figure is highly oxidized, giving the sculpture a fantastic patina. The deep color of the wood is also due to a build up of organic material, which would have been poured over the figure during certain magical ceremonies and offerings. A small cavity is visible on top of the figure's head, which would have been used to contain such offerings. The head is beautifully detailed, and carved in distinct Bulul style. Sea shells are used as inlays for the eyes and mouth.The sculpture on the whole is in good condition, with only some minor erosion to the base.

Height: 24" in.
IN 12-1-13 / SOLD