Fishermen's Amulet
Melanau, Dayak, Sarawak, West Borneo. 19th Century
Provenance: Old English Collection

This fishermen’s amulet represents a spirit figure that would protect and ensure a good hunt for the village. This example is carved out of deer antler. These amulets are extremely rare. Beautifully carved, the attention to detail is stunning. The figure’s face is pensive, with half moon eyes and a long nose. The figure rests his chin on top of his hands which are stacked, elbow to knee, as the figure crouches atop its base. High-relief decoration appears across the figure’s body. The looped, almost scale like carvings cover the figure’s back, arms, and legs. A small spirit figure is carved in high relief on the back. With both arms and legs outstretched, it takes a protective stance across the back of the object.

Height: 4.25 inches
11-8-16 / SOLD


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