Amulet Figure
Dayak, Benuaq, East Kalimantan, Borneo. Early 20th Century
Provenance: Philip Goldman, London
Published: The Divine Gifts, fig 85. Dayak Amulets: Miniature Sculptures From Borneo, fig. 92.

Amulets are protective devices to the Dayak and come in a variety of forms and expressions. Positions and postures relate to certain categories of spirits. These amulets were often immersed in smoke and incense in order to feed the potency of the piece, and in the case of this object, giving it a marbled two toned patina. The figure is depicted squatting, knees pulled up into its chest and its head resting on one hand. Its facial features are static, large eyes, small nose, and a slightly open mouth with a tongue protruding. The figure wears an elaborate headdress, reminiscent of avian feathers, which forms a loop through which this amulet would have been hung.

Height: 2.75 inches
11-6-16 / SOLD


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