Toba Batak Tribe, Sumatra, Indonesia Early 20th Century

Private California Collection

The Lute is one of the only decorated musical instruments produced by the Batak. This two string instrument is an elegant example, with long lines and a tapered neck, showcasing the skill of the carver. The handle is long and thin, while the sounding box and back are the same width, and only slightly larger than the average width of the entire instrument. The bottom ends in a nose-like curl. The figure, which sits just above the turn pegs, has been carved with great detail. Seated in classic Batak posture, with its knees held tightly by the hands, the male figure gives off a stony and moody atmosphere. The smooth patina of the instrument almost makes it glisten. A space for a trade coin is visible just above the sounding board.
Height: 23 in. Height of Figure: 3 in.
IN 10-8-15 / SOLD