Shaman's Magic Container
Ngaju Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia, Early 20th C. PROVENANCE: Philip Goldman Collection, London.
PUBLISHED: "Divine Gifts", pg. 28.
Shamanism is a vital part of Indonesian society, and serves a variety of different roles. From traditional healers to spirit mediums to masters of black magic the shaman was the very epitome of Indonesian belief systems. Magic containers, such as this one from Ngaju Dayak, were very common and often contained a variety of different magical substances. This particular container is made of bamboo, with a wooden stopper. The container is simple with braided decoration at each end. The stopper is in the form of the head of Aso; a mythological dragon and protective figure in Dayak Culture. There is some damage to the bamboo container.

Overall Height: 11.25 in. Height of just the wood stopper: 2.75 in.
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