Figure,  Adu fombali
Nias, Indonesia
19th Century,
Provenance: Collected by Heinrich Sundermann, Protestant Missionary part of the Rheinischen Missionsgesellschaft, 1875-1890 on the island of Nias, Indonesia. Related example: See Nias Tribal Treasures. Figure 117.

This series of figures, is a very rare protective object from the island of Nias. Collected in situ by  Sundermann while at the Rheinischen Mission sometime between 1875-1890, I have never seen one for sale until recently.   Bound by a rattan fiber on a horizontal bamboo stalk, the object is made up of a row of rectangular figures with anthropomorphic faces. Each one slightly differs in size, but the notched facial features are similar. Offerings would have been made to this piece in case of supernatural assault in order to appease vengeful spirits.

Length: 6 inches / Height: 4 inches
IN 10-11-16 / SOLD


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