Protective/Magic Amulet
Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia
Early 20th century
PROVENANCE: Phillip Goldman Collection, London. Collected during the 1950's in Indonesia.

Magical protective amulets are as diverse as they are common to the Dayak. These objects where heavily cherished and carried on the person. This doubled faced amulet would have been hung "upside down", with the smaller face on top. The loop through which a string would have been strung through is still intact. Both figures represent zoomorphic spirits, or assa (sp?). The figures are exquisitely carved, with great care taken to outline features such as horns and nostrils. Both figures seamlessly blend into one another, creating a beautiful affinity between the two. The natural aging of the wood has created a texturized patina.

Height: 4 1/2 " in.
IN. 6-11-14 / SOLD