Magic Amulet
Dayak Tribe, Borneo, Indonesia, early 20th c.

Dayak Magic amulets come in many forms and are made from many mediums. This particular amulet is derived from a natural root, which is in the form of a dragon or serpent, a very important mythological symbol in the Dayak cosmology. The face was carved onto the root. According to H. Ling Roth in, “The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo”, natural roots were amongst the most powerful and revered charms a Dayak tribesman could own. It was believed that these curiously shaped roots which closely resembled important beings and creatures in Dayak culture; were actual gifts from the Gods. This charm has great age and an encrusted patina. It’s a wonderful and dynamic sculpture.

The length of this charm is 4 in
IN 4-6-12/ SOLD