Shaman’s Magic Container

Batak, Sumatra
19th Century

Magic container’s known as Guri-guri come in a variety of sizes; this larger example is an impressive work of Batak art. The wooden stopper’s sculpture is very strong; while the figure is more naturalistic the Singa is more stylized and abstract. The face is emotive with eye inserts that project a very spiritual and magical presence. The coiffure is made of horse hair and is original to the piece; the back of the head on the stopper possesses a square cavity for puk-puk. The ceramic jar is also impressive, dating most likely to the Sung dynasty. The ropes and fiber attached to the jar may have aided in attachment to the Datu priests (shaman) regalia or even to be hung in the house.

Container stands 14" in height.
Stopper stands 7.5" in height.

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