Shaman’s Container, Guri Guri

Batak Tribe, Sumatra
19th Century
Provenance: Old Danish Collection, collected in 1948

This container consists of a 19th century porcelain Chinese trade jar with a locally made wooden stopper. These containers were used to store pupuk, which was ritually applied to objects and sculptural figures to instill them with supernatural power. The wooden stopper depicts an ancestor figure riding a Singa horse, a composite mythical creature. Various other smaller ancestor figures are stacked on top of the larger ancestor and Singa. The rider exhibits a large head, elongated torso, and stylized limbs. Equestrian themes are widespread among the Batak, and are associated with prestige and supernatural power.

Height of entire object: 13 in
Height of Stopper: 8.5 in

IN 3-4-16 / Price on Request


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