Tun Tun
Dayak, Borneo, Indonesia
Early 20th Century
Provenance: Collected in the 1970's by James Gavin
Tun Tuns are markers, used to magically enhance and measure the height of pig traps. This Tun Tun is a beautiful example of this utilitarian element. The ornamental figure on top empowers the trap. Usually depicted in a hunkered form, this example is carved in beautiful curvaceous lines, creating a strong sense of movement. The facial features have been delicately carved, with a strong mouth and nose, giving the figure a defined profile. Great care has been taken to add subtle ornamental details to the back and and profile of the figure. The figure sits upon a floral decorated base.
H: 20 1/4 in
Height of figure: 3 3/4 in
IN 03-7-15/ SOLD