Paiwan Spoon
Paiwan, Formosa Island, Taiwan
Early 20th century
PROVENANCE: Irwin Hersey, New York. Private Collection, New York.

The Paiwan are an aboriginal group living off the southern coast of Taiwan. Each individual in a family would have had their own spoon. This particular example is beautifully simplistic in form. The only decoration is on the back of the handle, made up of simple geometric lines with run over the bottom of the bowl and extends up to the handle, ending in a human face. The bowl of the spoon is beautifully carved, and tool marks are still visible, giving the base a striking texture. The spoon is red with a striking tarnished patina (especially on the handle) unevenly distributed over the entirety of the spoon. The form of this spoon is similar to that of Easter Island dance paddles.

Height: 6 " in.
IN 2-4-14 / SOLD