Amulet Figure
Dayak Tribe, Borneo, Indonesia
Early 20th Century
PROVENANCE: Philip Goldman Collection, London. PUBLISHED: "The Divine Gifts". 1975. Fig. 21

Carved out of a single piece of wood, Dayak amulet figures were created as protective agents. This male figure stands, knees slightly bent, with his arms crossed on top of his chest. His legs are stalky and meet at the base of the figure, synonymous with Dayak artistic styles. The figure's face is incredibly dramatic. The artist has taken time to define individual characteristics such as facial wrinkles, the mouth, collarbone, and hands, which really emphasize the three-dimensional quality of the sculpture. This is especially remarkable when the figure is viewed in profile. The wood used is very thin and delicate, creating a nice contrast.

Height: 7.75 " in.
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