Shaman's Magic Container
Batak, Sumatra, Indonesia, 19th C
Provenance: Emile Deletaille, Brussels

The Magical Container was one of the most important pieces of equipment in a Batak priest's milieu. The container is made of buffalo horn, while the stopper is carved out of wood. Archaic in style, the container features two human figures. The first, seated, is carved out of the buffalo horn. The figure exhibits an austere presence with angular facial features and composed posture. The stopper depicts a stylized Singa and rider. Singa figures are composite creatures, depicted often in Batak imagery associated with magical substances. The horn and stopper exhibit extensive wear around the figures as well as the body of the horn, suggesting extensive use.

Length: 15 in.
Stopper Height: 9 in.
IN. 1-9-15/ SOLD