Ancestor Figure
Siraha Bwa Alawa

South Nias, Indonesia
19th - early 20th century

This sculpture of a standing male figure represents a chief in war attire. The figure wears a longear ornament and coconut shell

necklace and has a commanding presence. Warrior figures such as this one were made to commemorate great feasts. This figure was hung outside the chief's house during ceremonies held to honor the forging of gold head ornaments worn by high ranking members of the tribe. It has a deep, honey brown patina. Old black trade paint is evident on the helmet, shield, and necklace, as well as on the eyebrows of the figure. It is in excellent condition, with some slight stabilized age cracks at the base and back of the figure. For two related examples see Nias Tribal Treasures. Volkenkung Museum, Delft figures 68 and 69.
Height: 15 inches.

SOLD / IN13.