Ancestor Figure
Ibo, Nigeria, early 20th c
Provenance: Private NYC collection

Like many terracotta figures from the Ibo, this female example is extremely expressive. Her face is inviting, with smiling eyes and mouth, and combined with her hands crossed in front of her belly and on top of her knees, she seems happy. Her smooth coiffure has been painted black and some facial scaring can be detected on her cheeks. She wears an array of body ornamentation; a necklace, ankle and wrist bracelets. White pigment is still visible. Although the figure is missing her feet, the base of the terra-cotta is still in-tacked. The Ibo made a wide variety of terracotta figures, and while many female examples were used as maternity figures, this terra-cotta more likely represents an elder or ancestor.

Height: 10 1/2 in
IN. 11-3-14/ SOLD