Fragment of
Bronze Horse and Rider

Ogboni Society, Yoruba, Nigeria
Provenance: Private NYC collection
Could be as early as 18th century.

Bronze figures are some of the most recognizable forms of art from Nigeria. Historically, bronze casters worked predominately for the monarchy. Although a large portion of the figure no longer exists, the elongation of the horse's neck is still visible in proportion to its front legs. This is a common attribute displayed in Nigerian equestrian figures. Originally the entire body of the horse would have been heavily decorated with ornamentation. Remnants of tassels and other equestrian accouterment hang from the horses neck, while the horse's mane has been depicted in a series of geometric forms. The horse's head slightly tilts up towards its right side and exhibits a sweet expression.

Height: 6 1/2 in x 6 in
IN 11-10-14/ SOLD